PF 360 is a 52 week program that leads you full circle in improving every part of your life. 

If you want to join, you do not have to wait until the 52 weeks are over. The series of classes continue from wherever you start! 

Here is an overview of PF 360:

  • Be a Disciple (16 weeks)
  • Exploring God’s Word (19 weeks)
  • Ultimate Marriage (2 weeks)
  • Parenting 101 (2 weeks)
  • Financial Peace With Dave Ramsey (13 weeks)

We believe, if you will commit to this, at the end of these lessons, you will have drawn a complete circle around your life– a circle of protection and provision. You will have made a complete 180 in your walk with God, be a more mature christian, and a much stronger member in your local church. And that is exactly what God has called us to be. 
Pastor Fortner explains PF 360 in the video below.